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Create the trip of your dreams

CUBA CHOICE TRAVEL offers you the journey of your life, well-thought and prepared, a holiday full of excitement, where the client will enjoy the kindness of the Cuban, hardworking people that reinvent themselves to show the best of its country, The most beautiful island of the Caribbean, who open the doors of their hearts in a blending nostalgic smile, and you have the feeling of being in one of the safest destinations to travel along with your family or friends, similar like HOME.

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The purpose of our agency, it´s to treasure all of your willing in a organize traveling with all your request and book for. The clients have the chance of spontaneity at the moment they want to experience something that is not included on their booking; our desire it’s to make them feel free along with our staff to achieve the fulfillment of their adventure. Acquaintances like playing dominos as Cuban players in an amused environment, to make a proposal at El Morro lighthouse, to be part of the best jazz concerts, to go to Varadero in a convertible car, drink honey from the source of the honeycomb and much more.

Contact us so that we can design a great trip full of experiences for you.