by May on Cuba Choice Travel
The best experience ever

The best places and excursions, BnB, the agency give me the opportunity to change and improve my holidays, the guides,

 by Guy Dirkin on Cuba Choice Travel
Our fantastic trips to Cuba

We have used Cuba Choice Travel for two vacations in Cuba. One in December 2019 and the other in January 2024. In each trip we were overwhelmed by the care and attention to detail that was provided by the company. We are experienced world travelers. Our Cuba trips were one of the best total travel experiences that we have had. Why? First, Cuba has a unique blend of European influenced architecture and history, combined with a culture that is warm and friendly; you easily feel the Latin vibe and positive attitude of the people. Second, Cuba is a large island with significant diversity in terms of landscape and wildlife. The term “jewel of the Caribbean” is not an overstatement. Third, the political and economic status of Cuba is different to many other countries. The country is poor, and as a visitor, one needs to act with a degree of tolerance and grace to maximize your experience. Fourth, currently Cuba is facing change, which creates challenges for the Cuban people but also opportunities. Between our visits in 2019 and 2024, change was very evident and rewarding and interesting to observe.
This is a review of Cuba Choice Travel, so let me comment specifically on the company. The company is led by Lemay, who is energetic, knowledgeable about all things Cuban, but a key factor is she listens to clients. She built a totally custom trip for us, which I rate as a high value factor as a traveler. She can arrange your trip to meet your needs and is open to being flexible, within limits of course, as our trips unfolded. We were able to blend together plenty of activity and exposure to Cuba, but with the downtime we needed. Overall, I am very happy to give my recommendation to Cuba Choice Travel and hope that your trip to Cuba will be as rich experience as ours.

 by Jo Phelps on Cuba Choice Travel
The best way to see Cuba

We have traveled in Cuba twice using CubaChoiceTravel. Each time we travel with them is better than the last. I can’t wait to see what marvelous adventures are in store for us next visit!!! Loved it!!

 by Marianne Hauser on Cuba Choice Travel
Wonderful trip, excellent guide

My husband and I and friends enjoyed an 8 day tour of Cuba with Lamay Mollinedo. Lamay put together a wonderful tour of her country, including the French colonial city of Trinidad where I'll always remember viewing the sunset, looking out from the hotel patio far above the city. We also enjoyed a vigorous hike in the Parque Guanayara where we swam under the waterfalls. In the gorgeous, green Vinales Valley, we visited an ecological cheese farm where fields are still plowed by oxen, as well as a tobacco farm where we really enjoyed a cigar rolling demonstration. In Soroa. we were happy to stroll through the orchid sanctuary, led by our wonderful guide, Aliet.
We enjoyed three nights in Havanna, staying at unique and elegant hotels, eating delicious meals ($16 lobster tails, 2), and sampling the ubiquitous canchanchara, made with lemon juice, honey, and rum. We had a fun tour in one of the restored classic convertibles that the city is famous for, along with a stop at the famous Hemingway hangout, LaFlorida. We did all this and more, always accompanied by Lamay who answered every questions, always looked out for our comfort and safety, and always included an element of fun and education to our adventures. We would highly recommend using Lamay and her tour company for your trip to Cuba, a beautiful, very safe safe country with warm, friendly people.
Marianne and Pat Hauser

 by Jon Laguna on Cuba Choice Travel

Las cuevas, los cayos, la arquitectura, la historia,,, maravilloso recorrido y compañia, os lo recomiendo a todxs

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